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Stephen is an LA-based Director of Photography with over a decade of experience shooting commercial, documentary, corporate and narrative work. Some of his past clients include CBS Sports, Keurig, Slam Magazine, Postmates and Snapchat among others. Most recently, in 2022, Stephen was the cinematographer on an Emmy-award winning PSA for the New Jersey Department of Health. He is also a member of Local 600 as a Camera Assistant and brings years of experience from working on network shows such as Modern Family, Pretty Little Liars and features such as Deadwood and Under The Silver Lake.

He owns a plethora of equipment in order to be a one-stop shop for your production gear needs. His list includes an Alexa Mini camera package with a full array of support gear including lenses, wireless video, wireless follow focus, gimbal, monitoring and an NV-200 van package with a half-ton G/E Aputure lighting package. 

If you're in need of a DP or simply want to chat feel free to reach out!


310 972-1690

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